Commercial Risk Analysis

Fenix Insight is an intelligence resource focused on explosive hazards, designed to help you assess risks, manage potential threats and stay informed in real-time.

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News sources, social media and broadcasts are scanned continuously, with data mapped to give you a complete picture of current and emergent risks, globally and locally.


Trend analysis, the latest technoogy and a wealth of expert experience in risk management make us the ideal partner for assessing threats arising from past or current conflicts.

Oil and Gas

New territories and emerging markets; we research 280 countries to compbine the overview with the detail of encountering threats arising from explosive hazards.

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Fenix Insight is a mobile and tablet friendly cloud-based application.

Get the data, maps, reports and updates you need in any location on any device. A modern user interface and intuitive search engine mean the intelligence you need to make decisions fast is always at your fingertips.